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Pretending you know what you're doing is almost the same as knowing...

One doesn't become extraordinary-one decides to accomplish extraordinary things.

Fear for the children...
I have my teaching contract in hand.  MUAHAHAHAH!


Throbbing, wheeling, swelling, dizzying, oozing, venomous bloodstream...
Heh, not really.

I was at the doctor's office 25 minutes before my scheduled appointment for my physical today.  I was out before my scheduled appointment even began.

I'm in fine health, if "a bit overweight."  My doctor would consider the Sahara "a little dry" I'm thinking*. ;)

I also got a tetanus booster, since my last was in 1995ish.  And they gave me the chicken pox vaccine, since it would be very unfortunate for me to get the pox at this age.

It's funny, though, how heightened your sense of your own body becomes when you have an inkling that something, ANYTHING, could go wrong.  Every ache, throb and rumble in my body right now is immediately traced back to one of my two injection points (one in each arm, wheee!).

"OH GOD!  That's the tetanus shot reacting to blah blah blah!"  "Uh oh!  The chicken pox injection site is throbbing all the way down to my hip!"

Yeah, I can be a bit of a worrier.

But hey, now I can't catch chicken pox (supposedly).


* I originally (accidentally) typed "My doctor would consider the Sarah "a little dry" I'm thinking."  Thoughts of all of the Sarahs I know kicking my ass immediately clouded my brain until the laughter fit washed them away.

#48: So, no shit, there I was...
... at the Studio.  I stopped by to pick up my steady cam setup, but on the way in, I grabbed the mail.

As I sorted it in the Elevator, I came across something from GoFish addressed to Accounts Receivable.  You may remember that the GoFish guys met with us back in February.  We signed a content agreement with them that gave us a 50% revenue share of advertising profit from hits on our content on our site.

Today we actually got a check... Read more...Collapse )