September 14th, 2007


And Klae Spake, and there was Beer... Good Beer

So for the Fall and Winter, we'll be serving an old favorite of mine at the Restaurant.

Quelque Chose by Unibroue

"Quelque Chose" is a popular French-Canadian expression that is used like "that's something!"  This versatile beer was specifically developed as a winter beer because, when warmed to 160ºF, it can be enjoyed as a hot drink. On the other hand, on the rocks, it is a wonderful aperitif. The cherries are soaked for months in slightly bitter ale before being blended into the beer. Quelque Chose is made with dark roasted malts, and the end result is something commonly known as an authentic nectar. The most original of the Unibroue line, it is highly appreciated by winter-sports enthusiasts.  8% alcohol by volume.

Come in some time and have some with our apple/fig tart, or the gingerbread cake smothered in carmel and sauteed pears.

Awwwwwwww yeah.

Sommelier di birra