September 23rd, 2007


I'm going to kill the cat...

And no, I'm not talking about masturbation.

esmerelCarla said that if I offed Rowdy while she, merlinofchaosTurk and crankypenguinIzzy were away, that she'd only be a little sad.  Well, that eventuality may just come to pass.

I've been trying REALLY hard to be nice to him while everybody's been gone.  Skritches when I get home.  Dragging his favorite belt around the house for him to chase.  And he's been very good up till now, too.  Rolling on the carpet and purring.  Not being overly sqwaky at the door when I leave it open for air.  I even gave him EXTRA attention when I got home after the house cleaners had been there to find he'd been locked in esmerelCarla's closet all day.

But this morning I woke to puddles of Rowdy in the kitchen and on the dining room table.  No more love for him.

Damn cat.