October 14th, 2007


Yesterday:  When I wasn't trying to start my car...

I was photographing the San Francisco Family Festival, an all day free event at Yerba Buena Gardens in SF.  It was really cool, with lots of performances like the one shown here.  For a few other photos... check this out.

Oh, yeah, and I get paid for this gig.  WOOT!

After the festival is when I found my non-functional car.  Jot it running (thanks AAA!) and then bolted back to San Jose.  Left it at the garage 5 minutes before they closed.  esmerelCarla picked me up.  Changed to restaurant clothes, then went and worked till 10:30 PM.  Apparently I got out of there just in time, because there was a wedding out on the terrace, and the groom's father had a heart attack and died at the end of the night.  Holy crap.

Off to day 7 of a 7 day work week shortly.

So tired...

Partial Blackout

Hullo Peoples!

I know I've not been very writey of late.  I comment more than I post.  Unfortunately, that is leading me to wasting WAY too much time, and I'm procrastinating quite a bit and not working on the things I'm supposed to be working on.  So I'm going on a bit of a self imposed LJ blackout.

I'm not going cold turkey, and I still plan on POSTING, but I'm only going to read after I've posted, and I won't go back more than 3 pages (60 entries).

So basically, LJ, until Thanksgiving, will be an inefficient means to communicate with me.  If you make a monumental post, TOTALLY feel free to link to it in a comment here, or ping me via messenger or email.  I've really got to get my focus back right now, though, and the constant refreshing of LJ and the RSS feeds of my favorite news places and such are the first thing to get cut.

Love you.  Mean it.