February 19th, 2008


Catching my breath...

Things may seem quiet here on the LJ front, but rest assured, I am hard at work making my way straight towards an early heart attack or stroke.

Today's events:

10:15-11:00 Leave house, get gas, stop at bank, drive to downtown SJ
11:00-12:45 Cut and color* at my salon
12:45-1:00 Stop at restaurant, change, walk to car
1:00-2:00 Drive to SF
2:00-2:10 Walk to Casting Agency
2:10-2:30 Wait for Casting Director to come back from lunch
2:30-2:45 Wait while people also scheduled at my time go first
2:45-3:30 Audition for Intel web commercial**
3:30-4:30 Race back to San Jose for work***
4:30-4:45 Sit in accident traffic so close to work I probably could have walked it faster
4:45-7:30 Wait on Tennis watchers who believe that they're the ONLY people in the restaurant going to this match

And that's just today.

Tomorrow, work 9-5 then rehearse 7-10
Thursday, work 10-4 then edit audio 5-?? oh, and go shopping for props Super Sekrit Project (SSP)****
Friday, meet with building manager in SF about renting space for SSP****, lunch with author of SSP****, work 4-10PM
Saturday, in SF by 9AM for SSP****
Sunday-- well, I just hope I make it to Sunday.

I think that I'm a glutton for exhaustion

* Had to get rid of the grey for the One Act Play... I *AM* the romantic male lead after all*****
** It was only supposed to last 15 minutes
*** I was supposed to be there at 4:15. Did I mention my car is stalling again?*****
**** You'll find out soon enough, don't worry.
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The timing of things is kinda funny...

Dave, from the puppet show sent me a link to the raw audio file of David Lee Roth singing Runnin' With The Devil, and this one lyric sort of stood out:

Yes, I'm living at a pace that kills
You'd think I'd be thinner.

The file itself is really interesting, because you can hear just how much of his freaky voice is really his and NOT modified. As Dave said, there's definitely some Tuvan Throat Singing (multi-tonal shit) going on there.

Living Life at a Pace that Exhausts