March 11th, 2008


A Poem

Twas the Day after yesterday and all 'bout my screen
My friends flickr photos came up to be seen

Some folks had photos of South by South West
While others had bowling, and one posted breasts

But what to my wandereing eyes did appear
But the glare of that shiney spot over my ears

I cringed and I cried for I'd not wanted to see
My body's defects posted so publicly

Now thousands of people could glimpse my bald spot
And my third and fourth chins, oh baby, that's hot

My furious cries of "Goddamn" and "Oh Shit"
Were stifled by barfing in my mouth just a bit

When did I decide to let myself go?
I guess it's too late, now, to actually know

But I heard in my brain as esteem dashed away
"Shut your pie hole fat boy, you've just you to blame."


Ug Part II : Welcome to my day of self loathing

I'm looking at these freakin publicity pictures from the One Act, and I realize now why we're not getting as many laughs as expected. It's not that the script isn't funny. It's not that we're walking on the laughs. It's that "Fat guy mooning over hot chick in coffee shop" isn't funny, it's SAD.

Stapling my lips shut