March 24th, 2008

sock puppet klae

oof... knew this was coming...

Got the first "that was offensive and not funny" email. I knew to expect them, to do otherwise would be outright stupid. But that it was from someone I know makes it ring out a little bit more, though.

It's hard to explain that it's not INTENDED to offend, but to provoke thought and laughter... however, by its very nature, it manhandles some sensitive subjects. But if someone came back from the dead TODAY, how many people would yell "ZOMBIE!" before they considered divine intervention? Meh.

Which leads me to link back to the discussion on "Fragile Faith" that I couldn't reveal the catalyst for before. Not that I'm implying that this person's faith is fragile at all. It just made me think about it.


Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucy... you gotta lotta assplainin to do...

So, of course I'm following our web stats. And I like to check the referrer page to see where people are coming from. Occasionally I'll follow a link if I don't recognize a site, even.

So this afternoon, there's a site I don't know. I follow the link, and lo and behold! There's a reference to the trailer. And to me...

"I know the guy whos (sic) producing and directing, Hes the fat woman with a mole about half way through this. Shamless (sic) plug, but hes (sic) looking for donations starting I think at $1.32 (sic) to help fund the movie."

Okay, "Fred Flintstone in drag" I can handle. But "Fat Woman with a mole?" Come on!!!

actually pretty amused