April 23rd, 2008


I do more before 11:00 AM than most people do before 11:15 AM

6:30 Wake up/shower/dress
7:20 Leave the house/get gas/drive to SF
9:10 Arrive SF/Park/Walk to Casting Agency
9:20 Arrive @ Casting Agency for 9:30 Audition
9:25 Audition
9:30 Leave casting agency/Walk back to garage
9:45 Drive back to San Jose
10:45 Get Jamba and Starbux (for housemate)
11:00 Arrive Home
11:30 Leave for restaurant...

It's kinda cool when you're walking into the casting agency and the casting agent is coming down the stairs you're going up and says "Hey Clay! Glad you're here. We'll get you in before your scheduled time."


Who bad? I bad!

So I just booked a photoshoot with Skechers Shoes. They'll be flying me to LA and I'll be doing the photography and graphic design for one of their quarterly internal publications. If they like the work I do, it could lead to a regular (quarterly) gig.


A little bit cooler than I was this morning...