May 20th, 2008


Interesting day... (updated with video)

I've been kinda moody the last two days. While the photoshoot and the convention were both fun, being "done" with both events was a bit of a letdown. Not that I expected golden rainbows of opportunity to shower down upon me, but... it was exhausting and done, and I was pretty much spent.

So I left the house for the gym in an relatively sedate mood today. Then headed to get my haircut. After the haircut, I got a phone call from the guy who directed The Unwilling, asking me if I was interested in a bit part in a feature he's working on right now. Just a couple of lines, but hey, it's a couple of lines! So he gave me the director's contact info (he's starring in this one) and I have to call him back this afternoon.

So I get home, and in my Moron Life mailbox, I have an email from ABC Family asking me if I'd like to sit in on a conference call "press conference" with Javier Grillo-Marxuach (aka chaodai) about his upcoming show The Middleman (which you really should all plan on watching).

Now I have to get my Thursday morning shift covered.

Thins are lookin up a little today, I think.


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Running with the Angels

When mom started rescuing retired racing Greyhounds way back when, I had the usual anxiety about a crazy skittish dog coming into the house and disrupting everything with it's issues.

What I discovered, though, was that these amazing animals were just so thankful to have a loving home that they became immediately affectionate and well behaved. They had the most fantastic personalities, and watching them run was... just awesome. There's nothing like it. They were bred for speed and grace, and that's what they embody when they fly over the ground.

Today, mom had to take Sherman, the last of her adoptees, in to the vet for his final farewell. He was getting really old. He'd lost all his teeth, so he wasn't eating well, and he couldn't run anymore-- sometimes he could barely walk. With the latest heat wave, he'd stopped eating completely, so rather than let him suffer, mom made the hardest decision there is.
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Run well, Sherm. You will be missed.