June 10th, 2008


As I said...

Some days it rocks to be me. Landed in Long Beach and got a message from my casting agent that she needed more men under 30 for HSM3. So I'm in the Long Beach Jet Blue terminal making phone calls and sending emails helping to cast extras for a movie.




Claytoberfest Wrapup

Well, Sunday's meetup at the Cambridge Brewing Company was AWESOME. I'm thrilled and flattered that so many people came out to say hi. :)

I'm looking in my Magic Mirror and I saw blh120, c_m_i, cayetana, cosmicserpent, couplingchaos, faux_eonix, hannas_kiwi, iterum, komos, mishak, agoodshinkickin, silas7, starflow, wildflowersoul, Juliette, Dot and Alan. I think that's everyone. Poke me if I missed you.

Anyway, there was much hanging out, good food and good beer. It was fantastic to see you all. Thanks for coming out.