November 5th, 2008



I go to bed happy for America and disappointed in California.

But as a wise friend of mine said, this fight doesn't end-- CAN'T end-- regardless of the results of an election. So even if the votes are counted and Prop 8 DOES pass... we don't stop, okay?

Someday EVERYONE will be equal.

And seriously, if only 58% of San Francisco County actually voted, those people are just stupid.


I know, that despite California's "majority" I'm in the right, and I did a good thing...


Like Americans, most Canadians were eagerly watching the election last night. After a euphoric few moments and Obama's beautiful speech that touched me deeply, I moved my concern to Prop 8. I kept waking up throughout the night checking the latest results and today I am saddened.

Though I live in Vancouver in a country where gay marriage has been legal since 2004, I take these results very personally because it is such a step in the wrong direction. I guess, other than venting, I want to know, what do you think the next step is? This is so wrong and it's going to give the religious right a boost of pride and energy, thinking they've done God's will.

Jesus! As I said, gay marriage has been legal here for years and it hasn't affected the unions of heterosexual couples. I think the majority of the public isn't even aware what the status on gay marriage is in Canada. It only really affects people like me, gay people who want to be able to have the option to get married and be treated like any other citizen.

I want to offer my gratitude for the kind of work people like yourselves do to fight bigotry and ignorance. I came out after gay marriage ceased (generally, I guess) to be a hot-button issue in Canada and I feel I have some sort of responsibility to take part in the effort to help the cause. There is still too much ignorance, even in at a major turning point like Obama's win.

So, please know that you are doing a good thing and that people like me are watching. I think it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to Gus Van Sant's film "Milk" in December when they see the similar fight Harvey Milk fought 30 years ago. Will it be a shake up if the film does well? I hope so. This is such a huge moment for America and to backslide in this other area is just wrong.

So, I hope I haven't depressed you with my venting but I just wanted to thank you for posting the videos and making an effort to change people's mind.


The fight doesn't end. Can't end. And even though (and this may shock some of y'all) I never intend to marry another guy (wife, 3 kids, 2 dogs, please), I won't stop. Can't now. I have too many people that I care about who are now going to be legally less than everyone else. That's not what America is about. And it's certainly not what I'm about.

I'm not sure what MY next step is. I think I may want to talk to the No On 8 folks and see what the plans are. And like centerfire said, get more information out there so that people come to understand that the gay folk don't have "cooties." Awareness is at a high right now, so now is the time to keep on.

With a purpose