January 20th, 2009


The iPhone Knows...

This morning, I got in the car and plugged in iZora. The first song she handed me was "Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" by Straylight Run which had a chorus of:

we'll get over it
sad, strong, safe and sober
we'll move forward
and know where we went wrong

That was followed immediately by The Beatles "All Together Now."

So smart, my iPhone...

It's a Brand New Day

SF Chronicle's Best of the Bay

So the San Francisco Chronicle has finally decided to get into the Best Of The Bay business with a best of the bay contest of their own!

Getting into the pink section has been nigh on impossible for us as a theater company that uses the art form of improvisation as our performances. So far theater reviews have only been reserved only for the scripted, but with this new contest we have a chance to put the Un-Scripted Theater Company finally on their radar.

Please take a second and click through and vote for the Un-Scripted Theater Company. It's super simple and will really make a huge difference for us.


And tell your friends to vote as well. Only by getting out the vote do we even stand a chance to win in the SF Chronicle. We're up against some huge theater companies in this category, but if we can eek out a win this year, maybe the San Francisco Chronicle's Pink Section will finally start sending reviewers to our shows. Theater Reviews for improv? That would be amazing!

Ticket Giveaway

In fact, if you email us back saying you voted in the Chronicle's Best of the Bay poll, even if you don't vote for us, we'll enter you in a drawing to win 2 free tickets to our next show Un-Scripted: unscripted. Tell your friends. Anyone who votes in the poll and emails subscribe@un-scripted.com to tell us will be entered into the drawing.

Here endeth the project whoring. :)