February 15th, 2009


Recovery: Day 8 & 8.5

On the way OUT, "Day at sea" meant: drink, eat, drink, eat, drink, drink, eat, drink, sleep

On the way HOME, "Day at sea" means: sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, eat, pack, sleep

We INTENDED to be social and have fun. We all managed a LITTLE of that, but oh, the bed was SO comfy. I got up, had breakfast (thank you room service), napped, got up, showered, went for second breakfast, napped, took Stanley out for some pictures around the ship (and he was hollered to SEVERAL times by people I didn't remember introducing him to, and more folks wanted his picture, too). Then it was time for a nap. Then I packed and filled out customs forms and comment cards. Then I socialized on our patio/deck a bit. Then I napped. Then it was time to get ready for dinner our last dinner.

Everyone had grand plans to go dancing and have a grand old knock down last night. Apparently a few folks actually DID that, but many of us felt the hammer or exhaustion, and hit the hay after discussing who was gonna get the last of the Wakeup Room Service calls.

We had to have our luggage out in the hall for pickup by midnight. At this point, I was regretting not bringing along a big box of sex toys to slip into everyone's luggage before it got picked up. Oh well, can't win them all. And that would have likely been expensive, too.

We passed alot of oil rigs in the Gulf during the night. I know this, because I had a really sore throat that made me keep getting up to get a drink or a cough drop.

6:30 AM came really REALLY early. But we were up, got ready, grabbed our carry-on stuff, and made our way to the dining room one last time for 7AM breakfast. By 8AM we were parked on deck 5 across from the Sushi Bar to wait for our debarkation number to be called. It took around 2 hours before the bulk of us got to go, so there was good conversation, reminiscing, and exchanging of info for those of us who hadn't met prior to the insanity.

And then the forever long wait to get our luggage and get through customs. Customs guy was nice, though.

Back on the bus, with our awesome bus driver, and headed for the Bush Airport in Houston. And now, that's where we sit, for another 2ish hours while we wait for Continental to cancel our flight again get us home.

We're all going to write a letter of condemnation to Continental for the shoddy handling of the cancellation. And a letter of thanks to Southwest for helping us out at the last second.

We'll be landing in CA somewhere around 9 tonight. Then everyone heads their own way to get home.

Good times. Good times.