March 28th, 2009


Hey Mac Users!

MacHeist's latest bundle is available now. $602 worth of Mac software for just $39.

This year's bundle features a core lineup of a dozen award winning and popular apps, games and utilities that represent the cream of the crop from the Mac development community. Whether you're interested in cooking a meal, or playing the best puzzle game of last year, or selling off an old item on Ebay, the MacHeist bundle has you covered. And for the first time ever, the MacHeist bundle can be yours for just $39.

MacHeist is also donating 25% of each bundle purchase to a partnering charity of the customer's choice. To date, MacHeist customers have raised over $700,000 for philanthropic efforts around the world. You can find out more about this year's participating charities here.

Plus, you can pick up a free app (EventBox) just for going and LOOKING at the list of available stuff. And if enough money is raised for Charity, There are three other apps that will get unlocked, which could bring the value of the bundle up to just shy of $1000. I've bought the bundles the last two years, and they're pretty cool.

Check it out!

ETA: World of Goo is one of the programs in the bundle, and it's AWESOME. :)