March 29th, 2009


Closing time...

So last night was the final show of Un-Scripted: unscripted. Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show.

Last night was especially exciting, as we did some seriously fun stuff. Just after 8:30, in honor of Earth Hour, we did a scene with all the stage lights off. We just had a flashlight to light the scene. It was creepy spooky, and made me very happy on the insides.

At the beginning of the night, I told Bryce "Don't say anything to anyone, but if I can start taking apart the set in the last scene of the night, I want to do that."

Well, the last scene came around, and Mandy and Christian went out on stage, and the first thing out of Christian's mouth was 'We're out of time." I looked at Bryce, he smirked, and we both walked out and started taking the set apart. By the end of the scene, most of the stage was bare, and half of us were out of costume. It was very Pippinesque. :)

And now... on to Shakespeare: The Musical.