May 20th, 2009


I've only got 30 minutes to save the world...

So I just got an email about setting up a 30 minute phone interview for a spot in the Top 50 for the Wine gig.

Can I get a "WHAT! WHAT!"?

I kinda feel like I'm on American Wine Idol. :)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's viewed/voted so far, y'all rock. I'm currently #25 on the most votes list with 155 votes (I'll need 300 votes to break the top 10). I'm WAY down on the views list (even though I'm over 400 views).

If you have a chance, and have some friends that I don't know who like helping out hard luck cases, please let them know about this whole shebang! :D

Thanks! Love you! Mean it!



Because ljArchive keeps a count of each entry, each entry has a unique number. When an entry gets deleted, so does the number, but it's not re-used.

According to LJ, I have 4952 journal entries. But apparently I've deleted 48 entries since September of 2001, because ljArchive lists the locked entry where I shared my new address as my 5000th post.

WOO 5000 posts!!!

Writing Samples

So when I schedule the interview for the American Wine Idol, I have to provide three to five writing samples. Currently, these are the samples I'm considering:

Movie Review:
Personal Entry:
Video Interview:


Yes, the last one is a video sample. But hey, it shows off my interview skills, right?

Sending this off in the morning...