May 24th, 2009


Once More, Unto the Wine...

Woooooooooooo! I'm currently in the #10 slot in the popularity list for the American Wine Idol gig with 345 votes. Thank you all SOOOOOOOO much.

I have to keep pimping, of course, because everyone else is still getting votes, and the numbers just keep going up.

I was at #9 for a little while, but dropped back behind Justin, who is now at 351, and I only need to beat 361 votes (for now) to knock John off the front page to take the #7 slot. The #8 slot is invisible for some reason, and I don't know why. Yay web bugs!!

So if you have an easily manipulatable aunt or sister or grandfather who hasn't voted yet... you know what to do! :D

Thank you for ALL your help on this.



To: Clay
From: Mom
Subject: HOLY CRAP

4 votes and your in 5th place.... Way to go friends of Clay...

Again, I must laud the awesomeness of my family, AND all my friends. I'm actually in 5th place now, leading 6th place by almost 20 votes. Just have to maintain that lead. :)

Now, I'm 163 votes away from 4th, but seriously, 5th is a great place to be sitting. As long as I can hold on to that, I'll be a happy camper. Hell, I'm just happy to have made the front page on the popular list.

Why do I feel like I should change my name to Heather?