May 28th, 2009


The Battle of Edgewater, NJ

So yeah, you remember when I said "I'm over 100 votes ahead of Renee, in 6th place, so I don't have anything to worry about anytime soon."

Soon came sooner than I thought.

Mom emailed me this afternoon, "Girl behind you, Renee, came up with 73 votes this last hour. She’s 18 behind you!!!"

So yeah, welcome to a month of "Keeping up with the Volarics."

At this point, I'm still 20 ahead, but that's not much of a lead, especially if she pulled out nearly 80 votes today. So hey, those friends who might like me if they only knew me? Tell them about me. :)

Number 5 is Alive!!


Oh, and if you're on the Facebooks?