July 16th, 2009


What's goin' on (What's goin' on)...

A'ight, so it's almost time for bed. Tomorrow, I'm going to vanish for a few days for a project (one of many). But here's an update on everything that's going on:
  • Going to LA for a few days to record the musical tracks for the Angel Podcast
  • Editing a book that I'm really not allowed to talk about right now. But seriously? It's going to be LEGENDARY!
  • Launching two, count them TWO different web projects with Un-Scripted
  • Editing Dave and Amber's wedding album (still) -- on page 17 and the ceremony hasn't even started yet

Plus, I'm still unpacking and re-painting the house. And I should be packing right now, but iTunes is being a bitch, so I'm killing time until it shakes off its stupor.

Watch Twitter for updates from LA!