November 19th, 2009


Hey guess what?! I have a new job!!

Dear Clay:

I am very pleased to offer you the at-will position of Web UI / Content Specialist, with Philips Healthcare in Foster City. We are certain you will be an asset to the Company and look forward to your contributions to the success of Philips.

I've not really mentioned a WHOLE lot about this before now, because I didn't know what was actually going to come of it, but today I signed the offer letter for a job with Philips Healthcare in Foster City to work in their newly formed Customer Experience department.

This is my first real "corporate" job since leaving Boston in 2003, and I'm actually looking forward to it because it's an exciting job, working for a company that I liked even more after the interview than I did before it. It's doing good work while helping people whose job it is to help other people.

As I get more information on the job I will, of course, share. Right now, my tentative start date is December 7. Oh yes, D-Day. And the D stands for "DAYMN I'M EXCITED!!"

Model Citizen