January 21st, 2011


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Tastes Like Drowning...

I am freakin tired. Tired on a molecular level. Like... the atoms in my body are all, "Yeah, that thing about our electrons being everywhere at once and only really having a defined position if you're observing us directly? Forget that, we're all over here sitting in the corner wishing that they made Tini sided Starbucks drinks."

Work: Is still awesome. There's a lot to do. And possibly more on the horizon. I'll be "east" for two of the four weeks in February delivering training and attending a conference. Just finalized a 3000 word request for proposals for a big project. Working on an annual report dealing with customer satisfaction for our whole division. Wrote the first training document that will go out across the whole division (spanning 3 business units and 22 or so software products). And am generally excited about the stuff we're working on still.

Un-Scripted: Woooooooooah, Nelly! If I'm not at work, I'm generally working on something for U-S lately. I recently took over bookkeeping for the organization, which was finalized a week before auditions for the show I'm directing, which happened right before our annual retreat in which we had our strategic planning meeting wherein we found MORE stuff to do. Brain? Fried. If you see me sobbing in a corner talking about Charts of Accounts and Invoices, just shut down Quickbooks and get me a hot cocoa.

Photography: Week three of "A Year of Sundays" happened at the retreat. Took a nice, two mile long walk from our lagoon house down to the ocean and back. (We were really only about 200 yards from the ocean, but I would have had to trespass to get there). Yet again, just getting out and DOING it was a good experience. This weekend I should be joined by an out of town guest, which will be interesting (and fun).

Puppets: Part of the reason I'm extra tired is that I'm adjusting my sleep schedule so that I can get up early and take the train to work. I can go CalTrain or BART, which is nice. It adds about 15 to 20 extra minutes to my commute on the way there and less than 10 minutes on the way back (negative minutes if I have to stay until 5, because I can't make it home in an hour by car if I leave the office after 4:30). What it does do, however, is give me 20-30 minutes of Puppet Script Writing Time, which has been BOUNTEOUS. I don't do it every day, but on the days that I do, I really enjoy it because that commute time isn't wasted wishing I was doing something else. The first draft of the entire first story arcs (5 episodes plus a bookend) is done and will be going out for review soon. WOOT!

So I'm alive. Surviving. Only slightly crazed.

How are YOU??