August 4th, 2011


My tweets

  • Wed, 21:45: RT @im_a_mia: Even though my cold is worse, I made sure to ingest two cheese sandwiches. Because disrespecting my body is a FULL-TIME JOB.
  • Thu, 02:28: Photographing Sleepwalkers latest show tonight. They're warming up. First thing stg. mgr. says: All right! Guys! Back into the stud cage!
  • Thu, 02:45: Getting ready to photograph Sleepwalkers' latest. @ Phoenix Theater
  • Thu, 05:39: RT @shanenickerson: The guy in front of me at Ralph's has quite a night ahead of him.
  • Thu, 05:40: Ya know, if I didn't need to sleep, or earn money to eat, I could totally rule the world through unbridled awesomeness. Just sayin'.