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The Darkness...

My horoscope, as told by :

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)

Week of September 20, 2001

Think back to your first descent into the abyss many years ago. You were a raw rookie at the time, and didn't have many skills to help you negotiate the dark, dank regions. It was no surprise that you came back touchy and scarred. But in each stint in the underworld since then, you've gained more proficiency at remembering who you are even when you feel lost. In fact, I believe that somewhere along the way you passed a crucial threshold. During your next visit below, I suspect you will not only feel a minimum of pain; you will also discover uncanny pleasures that will sharpen your mythic vision and enrich your creative passion. Congratulations on the upgrade!

Not that I want to get deeply into it at this moment, but it's definitely true. My trips 'down under' have become less and less traumatic, and they're lasting for less time too. Well, hell, compared to the first one (2 years) ANYTHING is short. :) But more about the first trip later...

What I really wanted to do was praise Free Will Astrology, cause it kicks ass. Go there. Yes, you. Go. Now.

Why are you still here!??!

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