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The audition... live... this has been previous recorded...

Wednesday, 9/25/02 11:25 am

Here I lean, up against a pole outside the UCB theater. Starting to get nervous now. Why am I here so early? I am doubting my memory and am hoping I'm in the right place. Stupid, huh?

Oh well. Hopefully my Asylum comrads will be here soon, so I don't have to start making frantic phone calls.


Okay, the other folks aren't here yet. I thought Kiley's audition was right now. How bizarre. There are definately auditions going on, lets hope I'm at the right ones. :)

The following messages come in on the cellphone:

BREAK A LEG SEXYMAN! :: bow chicka bow wow :: :)

And just after I got OUT of the audition:

GOOD LUCK!!! :D - vicki (and oh crap I hope you had this turned off during the audition)


Okay, I was atrhe right place. Everyone show up a little late, but Kiley still got in for her time slot. The rest of us waited out side.

The audition was okay. We did a rhyming warmup, then had to do a thirty second movie review as ourselves, while trying to be funny. Yeah, I fucked THAT up by picking American History X. Can't quite be funny with that. Whoops.

The only other thing we did was called hitchhiker. Three people in a car. Pick up a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker has a strong character. Everyone else in the car picks up and reinterprets the character... then anothr hitchhiker comes along, driver leaves, everyone rotates to a new position and it all starts over.

Well, Harry and Leah were asked to stay and do more. The rest of us were let go to wait outside. They're supposed to call by six if we get a call back.

So that's everything previously recorded. No one that went down got a callback. Makes no nevermind to me, really. I wasn't EXPECTING one. But it was a fun experience. Good trip. Home now. Need to nap.

New York, New York...

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