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Communication is so important...

First, I want to start by saying that I had an AWESOME weekend. I wasn't home except to sleep from Friday morning till just now.

Friday after work, I met friends for dinner at Boston Beer Works, then we went to see From Hell, then we went out to another bar.

Saturday morning, I got up, picked up Ms_Ntropy and she helped me find stuff for the friend I'll be staying with in Nepal. We had brunch, we bought me a new Board Game (yes, Carcasonne). We found her a pumpkin, we hung out for a while. Met up with CosmicSerpent and Joe for dinner. Went back out to the bars. YAY!

Today I got up and met the Asylum folks for a trip to the Davis Mega Maze. Tres cool. My group got out first. WOOO!! Followed that up with a trip to a generic farm where we ate apple crisp, looked at more pumpkins and animals, went into an apple orchard and had an apple fight (they were supposed to be picking).

Came back tonight and had a pretty good show.

So, I'm in a good mood.

Now, what chaps my ass is that while at the Maze today I find out something that I'd rather have not found out through random conversation. Here's the long version:

When I joined the Touring Company, we were told we could teach classes after we'd interned a semester at that class level. COOL! The next day I emailed the powers that be and let them know that I was definitely interested. I teach as part of my job and enjoy it. This would be even better.

For two 'semesters' (yes, I said I was interested each time) I got no reply at all. For the semester that just started, however, I was included on the list of people that they sent the 'who's teaching what' list to. Cool! Now, I wasn't interning, but that was understandable. There were only 2 level one classes, and one of them was during our Monday night rehearsals. The other class had a Marty interning, so it was cool. Both Brian and I would have to wait.

Well, Marty got moved up to the mainstage, so she started interning Monday night (when we rehearse) which opened up the other level one class-- which had been split into two classes. HEY! That's great!!

Well today I find out that Brian is interning. I'm not apparently. The other level 1 has no intern. I had no knowledge of any of the content of this paragraph (and the end of the last one) until today. So of course insecurity and paranoia kick in:

    Did I screw something up?
    Did I piss someone off?
    Am I not good enough to teach?
    Did the instructor of the other class not want me as an intern?
    Did they just forget about me?
    Is it that I'm going to miss two classes cause of my vacation?
    Are they getting ready to fire me?

Most of these questions can be answered with a no. But you know what? I don't have ANY answers, so I don't know which ones they are. No matter WHAT the reason(s) I'd have like to have been told SOMETHING rather than having it put a big spike through my head in the middle of my really great day. Thank god I had ADD today and was able to forget about it till after the show.

I fucking teach for a LIVING... Hello!?

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