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I fucking hate 'The Elderly' sometimes...

This morning I stopped for gas. There are two sets of pumps. At the first set was a pickup truck. Then there was me. The pickup truck got finished first and pulled away. I got finished, and the attendant (it's full service) was printing my credit card receipt when the old man behind me started honking. The credit card receipt was COMING OUT OF THE MACHINE, so I wasn't about to move. So the old man gets out of his car and comes to my window telling me to move. I told him I wasn't done yet and stayed put. When I got the receipt (30 seconds later), signed it and pulled away, he was swearing at me in my rear view mirror.

THEN, I make my morning pilgrimage to the Phillip Morris Coffee Conglomerate. There's a HUGE line. I get IN the line. Across the store is an old woman looking at the coffee pots and shit. She sees me, RUNS across the store and gets in line in front of me. Never said a word to me. Not even 'excuse me' or 'thanks'. Just butted right in front of me. If she was there, which she probably was, fine. But fucking acknowledge the fact that you left the line and I let you get back in you crusty old twat!

Put them all in homes so they can't bother me...

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