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It's 5 AM and you are listening... to Los Angeles....

Toinght, I truly understand what it is to be an educator.

Tonight, I watched my 'children' take strong, stable steps. And they were big steps.

Tonight, I was almost moved to tears by my Level II class.

I'm so proud that I could probably shit diamonds right now... yes, mixed metaphor, sue me.

This group is astounding. I'm truly impressed by the steps they're taking, and by the work they're doing. They GET it. And they USE it. And I'm proud of them.

I was scared when I accepted this class. My second semester teaching, and with ANOTHER new level. I can't believe how great this level is. It's a joy to teach, because they struggle, and then they leap forward. I've watched the frustration change to understanding. I've seen them smile when they realized it.

I can't believe it's just me. I told them tonight that they're doing MUCH better than I was when I was in Level II. They said, "Maybe it's the Teacher."

I *WANT* to believe that. And I'm sure that in part, it's true, but I have to attribute a good portion of it to them. They rock. Hands down.

I feel like a god...

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