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Legalized Blackmail...

This is why I'll always be anti-union.

A few weeks ago I volunteered for a really fun event held in Boston. EVERYONE who worked was a volunteer. Not a single person got paid. It was held in a non-union hall. It was something fun for the community.

About half way through the event, seven teamsters showed up. Four bought tickets and got in without identifying themselves. Three stayed outside and demanded to speak to the event organizer. They then proceeded to threaten to call in other teamsters to picket the event if they weren't paid off.

Last time I checked, that was illegal.

But the event coordinator paid them, since a huge line of teamsters outside an event would have killed it, even in the time it would have taken to get the unionized police to come in an get rid of them.

No one was breaking any union rules. NOTHING was being done wrong. But they're allowed to walk in and demand money because they're the teamsters.

Fuck them.

And we talk about our government becoming corrupt... what about everything else?

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