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Klae's Sun Sign is Pisces ...

Romantic Pisces, you are the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. You are regarded as the sign of sensitivity and receptivity, and are a true chameleon by being mutable and infinitely complex. Your keywords are communion and vision, and you have the capacity to go beyond this world to the one of dreams and the spirit.

Your ruler Neptune, the planet of confusion and chaos, gets people out of habits that imprison them so that they question themselves and can discover another path toward growth and spirituality. Neptune is also the planet of imagination and illusion, and governs the dream world with all its many facets.

Pisces is the third of the three water signs, Klae, which means that you are concerned with the realm of emotion and feeling. You deal with sensitivity, intuition, and deeper psychic aspects of life. You are able to conduct unconscious telepathic communication with others.

Your sign rules the twelfth house of the chart, the sector associated with the unconscious, need for seclusion, and places of restriction. This house describes the wellspring of your being, including psychological problems that you repress. This house is very healing and can promote personal and spiritual growth, once you make the effort to go deeper and face YOUR reality.

Pisces is a mutable sign. You adapt to the exigencies of life and ingeniously melt into circumstances like a chameleon. In your interaction with others, you are personable and compassionate, and successfully connect on a deep emotional level.

Your strengths, Klae, lie in your altruistic and empathetic nature, because you feel the urge to help people less fortunate than you. Your sensitivity and intuition make you a true healer. Your strong imagination and highly evolved creativity predispose you to artistic expression.

Your main weaknesses are that you can be weak-willed, passive, and indecisive. Many times, you prefer to escape reality and indulge in your dreamworld. Chaos and confusion can be present in you, which may frustrate your circle of friends. At the same time, you can be oversensitive and fragile, feeling victimized by others.

Your Rising Sign is Gemini ...

You are an original and creative thinker, Gemini Rising, and tend to dominate your circles intellectually. With the elegance of a dancer, you swing back and forth from one idea to another, with wit and eloquence. You also have the power to visualize your ideas, and express them scientifically. Since you identify yourself with your ideas, Klae, your most dynamic form of expression is intellectual.

You are sprightly and versatile, and usually end up being the life of every party. Mostly it is you, who gets up on the table and entertains everyone with an improvised one-man show. You feel most alive if you have an audience, are the center of attention, and get an immediate reaction to your mental and verbal output.

If people don't laugh at your jokes, you lose your precious lively energy. In spite of your bubbly and cheerful personality, you can be quite sensitive, Klae, and it doesn't take a lot to upset you. However, for others, it would take a great deal of perceptiveness and persistence to get down to your real feelings. It seems that you are perpetually wearing a mask hiding who you really are. Only in rare cases others are allowed to see the real you behind the mask, and that means a lot!

You don't open your heart to others easily, and if you happen to declare your love to someone, you might make a joke out of it, or switch the subject as soon as possible. You are a very cultivated person, Klae, who has a lot of appreciation for beauty. Therefore, you enjoy developing your sensitivity in artistic domains. You could easily be a patron of the arts, a producer or an artist, a singer or a comedian, since you are such a cerebral person.

Character and Personality
The following paragraphs concern the study of Klae's personality, as induced by the positions of the planets and Rising sign. Some of the character traits mentioned may seem completely contradictory and incompatible. This is because the rough-hewn personality is a rarity. Usually, individuals are made up of a subtle orchestration of many different tones or aspects. However, serious introspection or detailed analysis should make it possible to distinguish the opposing or diverging images comprising Klae's overall character, and perhaps, in time, find the best and most harmonious way to integrate them.

There is a fundamental contradiction or opposition at the core of Klae's personality, but it does not shatter his integrity. However, it causes his inner world to be complex, divided, or even torn, without ever being totally dissociated, because every thought and action is a source of unification. As a result, intellectually Klae is a talented syncretist: he is able to see the link between heterogeneous and diverse elements which do not appear to be related in the least. He can bring about surprising reconciliation, create unexpected bonds, combine beliefs which seem mutually incompatible. His imaginative powers also flow from the division in his psyche, and are evidenced by inspirations, visions, and abilities which exceed the context of logic and reasoning. He allows himself to be guided by irrational phenomena like foreshadowing or premonitions, which well up from the depths of his being. He is more of a medium than an intuitive, because intuition requires a clear consciousness of reality. Klae is borne along by currents and tides of knowledge, and lives in symbiosis with forces which overwhelm him. In fact, it is because of this relative passivity that he is more or less a medium, because he wishes merely to perceive what surrounds him; he has no wish to impose his will. Although this attitude endows him with great potential for productivity, it may also become dangerous, if Klae finds himself overpowered by forces he can never totally control. He tends to perceive things as undifferentiated; he does not always see the world as an organized, structured, hierarchical entity. Instead, he is sensitive to energy flows, to invisible forces which he perceives and tries to interpret. His consciousness knows no bounds, and he does not feel confined by either space or time. But the image of the infinite imprinted on his imagination has a tendency to manifest itself with a lack of definition, in most of Klae's thoughts and acts. In relation to other people, Klae usually demonstrates warmth and humanism. He is a fairly pleasant companion, although his sensitivity can be annoying at times. He tends to identify with his friends to a great degree, instead of remaining apart and empathetic. In fact, he is capable of losing himself in another person, at times. He should take time to reflect upon the quality of what he bestows on others, and on whom he bestows it. He would doubtless come to the conclusion that his devotion is motivated by guilt feelings; his giving is a way of escaping from himself, and his broad tolerance sometimes merely hides a weak character. His basic aptitude for compassion could inspire him to relieve human misery, either privately or professionally. Hospital or prison work would not frighten him, because he understands them as closed environments which are open in terms of the inner adventures and journeys they house. Inner adventures are one thing he understands. In his ideal, he feels capable of easing the worst suffering; but sometimes as he helps others overcome their problems, he is also trying to face up to his collective unconscious: that is, the final product of all his failures to assert himself, from childhood right up to adulthood. Because of his hypersensitivity, Klae is a fairly delicate person. He tends to go through sorrowful or depressive phases, long psychic tunnels where his anguishes lurk. He would be wise to withstand them instead of trying to escape (via slumber, drugs, dreaming, etc.). If he could detect what triggered his lack of confidence in his unconscious, he might be healed.

Klae wants to wield power and enjoy social prestige. He feels quite at home in the modern world others find frightening.

Klae tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests him more than what is right at hand and realistic.

At the time of Klae's birth, his Rising Sign was located in Gemini (the Twins), while the Sun was passing through the constellation of Pisces (the Fish). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide Klae's personality profile; the following key words distill the essence of his character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Need for contact - Hypersensitivity - Mental agitation - Pliancy - Frivolity - Humility and reserve - Dilettantism - Idealism - Immaturity - Indolence - Communication - Intuition - Inner duality - Premonition.

The amount of inner opposition Klae is dealing with, involving emotional inclinations and intellectual ones, may make his behavior somewhat erratic and confusing. Until he learns to overcome his hypersensitivity to outer influences, he will have trouble asserting himself and his own identity. Lacking this, he will at least be able to resign himself to an undesired fate with a mere shrug of his shoulders. As he reaches maturity, however, he is certain to find an opportunity to derive some reward from his mental and social qualities; the faculties of adaptation and assimilation he possesses will become increasingly rare among his peers.

Born in the three days prior to the New Moon's appearance, Klae is said to be of the " Balsamic Moon " type. This soli-lunar configuration gives him a spiritualistic character closely attached to generous humanitarian ideals. He is sometimes sorely tried to limit himself to the narrow scope of individual ambition. Indeed, he aims for a humanitarian ideal which would include the outcasts and the unfortunate: he fervently hopes the meek will inherit the Earth. To bring about this ideal, he is likely to seize every resource placed at his disposal: physical effort, money (if he has it), speech, his writings, and his poetic or artistic talents. However, he should be wary of his unconscious guilt feelings. Actually, there is no reason for him to devote himself to his mission entirely; a simple daily effort should suffice to express his philosophy and free his conscience. Usually, the three days preceding the New Moon will be time in the monthly lunar cycle most favorable to his activities and his general energy level.

Warm and affable, Klae is animated by honesty and generosity. Due to the solar dominant of his birth chart, his father (or a man who served as a father figure, possibly a teacher) influenced him strongly and imprinted him with the positive values which are now at the core of his being. However, his perception and comprehension of the world are filtered through an innate ability for artistic discrimination: a sense of aesthetics. For him, " beauty " is " truth " - and not vice-versa. Style and harmony, and the skills involved with putting things on display, such as artistic representation, light, and transparence, are concepts which come naturally to him, and he makes use of them in his life.

Date of Birth: February 24, 1971
Time of Birth: 12:02 PM
Birth Place: Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey, United States

Positions of Planets at Birth:

Sun Position is 05 deg. 26 min. of Pisces
Moon Position is 25 deg. 33 min. of Aquarius
Mercury Position is 27 deg. 10 min. of Aquarius
Venus Position is 21 deg. 28 min. of Capricorn
Mars Position is 20 deg. 22 min. of Sagittarius
Jupiter Position is 05 deg. 20 min. of Sagittarius
Saturn Position is 17 deg. 02 min. of Taurus
Uranus Position is 12 deg. 54 min. of Libra
Neptune Position is 03 deg. 06 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto Position is 29 deg. 25 min. of Virgo

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