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Who the what fuck huh?


Who cares if the paint job is almond brown or eggshell white? The car for you is a solid, simple Sedan. We're thinking a Toyota Camry, a Lexus, or even a Benz. Pure comfort and smooth sailing is what you desire, with as little contact with the outside world as possible. From your airtight cabin, you want to get to and fro without difficulties or stress and keep a classy but low profile. You're the classic, successful American, on your way to the mall, the movie theatre, or a charming bed and breakfast. Your personality is calm, cool, and collected as polished as the shine on that freshly washed hood. You don't look to be provocative and don't give anyone any trouble; you just treat your little car well and expect it to return the favor. As long as it gets its regular checkups, your wheels are as reliable and dependable as you. Thanks to your trusty sedan, you can be sure to make all your meetings and save a few on rising gas bills. Vive le sedan.

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