The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

It's 8:50 in the evening and all's well...

Got off the phone with the old man. I swear, some day I'll kick him in the jimmy for being so stubborn.

He sounds good. From what the doctors said, it seems it was a (whatever you sent me the link on Vicki) sort of slowdown of the bloodflow to the brain. It's ALMOST a stroke, but not quite, and no damage. Most likely caused by the thickened blood, most likely caused by hemochromotosis.

So they're off to the doctor again tomorrow for genetic tests so the doctor can tell him what I told him a year and a half ago, "Your testicles are going to atrophy if you don't get this fixed."

Thank you all for helping me stay sane.

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