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Probably cursing this by talking about it, but what the fuck, you know?

Her name is Jazmin. She is (in the Boston Vernacular) wicked cool. We met up for coffee this morning, but thanks to a bizarre combination of busses being too fast and T trains being too slow we actually ended up getting coffee at different ends of Newbury Street, then walking towards each other and meeting in the middle where we took a casual stroll back towards the Common, via the Public Garden.

She's not like me. But then she is.

She's passionate about her job, which is the total opposite of mine. I work to care for the spoiled poor, she works to care for the spoiled rich. She's filled with a zesty kind of energy. She smiles. She says (with no modesty) "I'm not the best looking person in the world," and yet she's quite pretty.

This is a cool thing. We work not too far apart, so we'll probably do lunch next week.

It's a good thing.

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