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Holy almost shot to the head, Batman!

So Friday was quite the fun day. Not only was I a little late to work, but haloedone drove through town and stopped for lunch. Much to her credit, she put aside her dislike of the seafood and we went for a New Englandy lunch at Skipjacks.

Our dear haloedone got herself the Shrimp Scampi, and was much startled to find that here in New England, we shell the shrimpies. All except for the tail, which is left on as a 'hand hold'. In my eagerness to show her the wonders of the shrimpies, I tried to explain the whole 'tail squeeze' eating procedure for them. For those not familiar with the process, you put the shrimpie (except the tail) in your mouth, and squeeze the edge of the tail and the shrimpie pops out of the remaining shell right into your waiting maw. Simple? Well, *I* thought so.

haloedone tried this, rather unsuccessfully, and much to her credit, she KEPT trying to get it right. Conversation ensued, laughter ensued, it was quite the ensuing lunch. Up until... the moment... when...

Well, let's just say I almost took one in the face for the team, folks.

There I was, innocently eating my lobster ravioli when the intensity of haloedone's squeezing got so intense that the shrimpie tail shot out from between her fingers, passed mere millimeters from my right cheekbone and hit the back of the booth by my head with this wet "SCHLAP!" Had it been half an inch higher, it would have sailed out of the booth and nailed the guy behind us right in the baldspot.

I about peed myself I was laughing so hard. haloedone couldn't breathe. People stared. Hilarity ensued.

And then it happened again.

The moral of this story: Don't take haloedone out for sea food unless you've got a rain slicker.

Fear for our souls, people...

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