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Veils and Lives...


The veil is thin between your conscious ego and those mysterious other identities in you that work beneath the surface. Down there in the unconscious realm, they're in continuous interplay, sometimes struggling with each other and other times cooperating like a well-oiled team. Who or what are they? Are they autonomous entities or aspects of your own psyche? Are they spirit guides, your ancestors, the different self-images you've had in the course of your life, the characters you were in your past lives, or your future memories? Maybe all of the above. I encourage you to be in close touch with them in the coming days. They have nourishing revelations to give you. Halloween costume suggestion: the ancestor who fascinates you most.

This horoscope touches rather bluntly on alot of beliefs that I have in regards to Life, The Universe and Everything. It's also not something that I tend to discuss alot, because it's my interpretation of someone else's bizarre take on the Way Things Work.

But to cut to the quick, it comes down to this: We are all manifestations of a higher self. Much like you create a 'game' character to play in a LARP or RPG or MU*, we are merely 'characters' created by our higher selves to garner experiences they couldn't otherwise get. Those higher selves are, in turn, manifestations of THEIR higher selves, and so on and so on until you bring yourself right back to The Higher Self, aka God. So in essence, we're all petals of the huge spiritual rose that is God.

Deep, huh? Hold on, let me get your waders, it gets better.

In college, a friend of mine introduced me to the writings of Jane Roberts. Sadly departed now, she was either a) the best fictional writer of non fiction or b) for real.

Jane supposedly channeled a bazillion year old spirit that called itself Seth. Through Jane, Seth dictated too many novels to count on things such as The Nature of Personal Reality and such. This is where my ideas on How Things Work started to form.

Hans and I were sitting around one night with a Ouija board (oooooh, I'm going to HELL) and were chatting with 'someone' who was very insightful about my life. They referred to my ex-girlfriend as "The Teacher of Pleasure and Pain" and told me that in a previous life, I was one of the folks who crossed the land bridge between Russia and Alaska to settle the North American continent. All cool from a "WOO HOO, We're playing with a Ouija board" standpoint, but I didn't put alot of credence into it until it came to light that the 'person' we were talking to was me. Or the Higher Klae, to be more precise.

At that time, I was reading Robert's Seth Speaks and was to the point where they were discussing the higher being putting more or less focus into the manifestations (us) depending on what was going on elsewhere. Much like sometimes we'll game alot, sometimes we wont. It talked about how our dreams are actually reflections of what goes on when the higher self withdraws from us and goes about other things... we pick up those actions and interpret them through our own experiences. It also talked about how some days, when we're really lethargic for no particular reason it's because the higher self is busy elsewhere. In the book, an example was given where Jane's husband (who was taking dictation as Jane spoke) experienced a few moments where he just couldn't remember how to write. Seth, through Jane, explained how he had requested that the higher self withdraw from her husband for a moment to give an example.

It was at this point, that I totally lost the capacity to speak. I could think the words, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make them come out of my mouth. All that would come out was a sort of guttural grunt that made me laugh. It only lasted for a bout a minute, but it was enough to cement the ideas that I was reading in my head.

So basically, this is a rather long and involved way of saying, "Yeah, I know these other identities that Brezsny speaks of, and if they have revelations for me, all the better."

Just me.

(Additional Note: I may be reluctant to discuss this stuff in any other means besides in person. So if I sort of side step IM/Email conversations about it, it's just... me.)

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