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And now we KNOW that dad is drain bamaged....

Carol: We're on the way for the MRI at 9:30.. he's a bit nervous
Clay (work): I can imagine. :) God forbid we find out his brain has been missing since the accident. :) Give him a hug for me.
Carol: No, we saw that yesterday. It's there with a blaskish tint where the accident damaged it.
Clay (work): Really?
Carol: I guess it's the scar tissue from the bone fragment damage.
Clay (work): What was yesterday?
Clay (work): Oh, on the skull, not the brain.
Carol: No. the skull doesn't show up in the CT scan. The brain had a blackish tint to it
Clay (work): Oh... wow... how bizarre. Was it only along the bone/plastic line?
Carol: Yeah, there was a white outline for the skull except where the plastic was, it was clear
Clay (work): Huh... so they thought it was scar tissue buildup?
Carol: No, I'm thinking that. The neurologist just said it was where the damage from the accident was...
Clay (work): Huh. You'd think that any damage would be at the impact site. I tend to agree with you, that it's just some extra 'padding' that's build up along the edge. Well, keep me updated
Carol: It was near the clear spot on the head...
Clay (work): Oh, not on the edge?
Carol: No looked like it was over a small surface of the brain
Clay (work): And it's old, not caused by the stuff the other day?
Carol: I guess
Clay (work): Well that's good at least. :)
Clay (work): He doesn't have to worry about anything NEW. :)
Carol: Well, off to the shower
Clay (work): Hug the old man for me. :)
Carol: OK

As a bit of back history, my dad has a plate in his head. Unfortunately, it's not metal, so we can't stick magnets to it. It's plastic. When I was a freshman in High School, he was in a riding accident... wow, it'll be 18 years ago next week. He crushed about 1/3 of his skull when he fell off a horse and bounced his head off a rock.

His skull shattered like a windshield, but protected his brain and his eye really well. Just some bruising, and apparently this scar tissue they just discovered. We'll probably get more information about it after today's MRI.

It was a freaky time. Dad went into the hospital at the beginning of November, and didn't come home until Christmas. And he came home without a skull. Or at least with a skull with a big hole in it. He had to wear a bike helmet around the house in case he fell. He'd lay in bed, call us over and tell us to 'come feel his brain pulse ' (and no, it wasn't dirty you pigs).

Well, he recovered from that a LONG time ago. But it brings up concerns when we think about the stuff that went on last week...

Damn you genetic tests... get your results back here already!

Dad: Well, now that I only have half a brain, I can be a theater reviewer.

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