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An Open Letter:

To the ignorant woman who lives in my neighborhood and drives a silver Volkswagen Jetta, Mass green plate 934GMC:

Slow down. It's because of people like you, screaming down a two lane residential street that only has room for one actual lane of travel, that the old woman at the end of the street screams at total strangers. She's afraid for the lives of her grandchildren, and as much as I dislike her for screaming at me EVERY time I drive past her house, I dislike you more for being the cause of that. There are other people who live in the neighborhood. 35 MPH is too fast, especially when there are large vehicles blocking visibility. Slow down.

Also, you are not the center of the universe, you bitch. I followed you all the way to the voting place this morning. It wasn't that crowded. There were open parking spaces only a SHORT walking distance from the door. Who are you to create your own parking spot in a traffic lane just so you don't have to walk so far? It's people like you who give the drivers of Massachusetts the nickname Massholes. It's people like you, who are so arrogant and self centered, that cause people like me to have really crappy days.

If I see you in public again, I may have to tell you this face to face.

One cranky nice guy

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