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Memememe... or actually Youyouyouyou

Thanks to Alex for starting this one... it's nice to see some good vibes being spread.

astalavista - Even while you were double-draw fouring me in Uno, I could sense that you had a heart bigger than your ample chest could contain.

atalanta - I don't know you nearly enough, but you make 0 happy, which is good enough reason to like you.

atomsplitter - God, how do you explain our relationship? I've spent barely any time with you in person yet you're one of my closest friends. Thank you for being you.

closer2myself - You're passionate and vibrant. Don't forget that. Trust in yourself and you'll be unstoppable. And I still have that water to mail to you... I know, I know, it's been a year.

cosmicserpent - You're a huge tease, but I mean that in the best sense of the word. You're a true friend to so many even if you don't like to show it, because when it really counts, you're there before the rest with support.

couplingchaos - I can never get over the pure joy in your face practically every time I see you. It's contagious.

alex_victory - You frustrate me beyond belief sometimes, because (like me) you don't see just how cool you are.

dantemante - No matter what, there's always something that you say or do that makes me smile, no matter how craptacular my day is.

dirtymikesell - You have to potential to become so much, yet like many of us, you're a little lost, and trying to find your way. Trust your instincts. I know you have good ones.

docaztec - A comedian. An Improviser. And insightful to boot. Go you. Keep me on the right path.

eeyrg - I see too much of me in you sometimes, even though I've only seen you once. It's your job to protect you know who when I venture forth into the great unknown. Not that he needs protecting, mind you...

esmerel - There's a strength and fire in you that outshines the sun at times. Thank you for the years and years of good advice.

c_m_i - Cousin! Remember that we're only to use our powers for good and you'll turn out all right. And I did like the beer that tasted like pot, really!

centerfire - If there was a King of Sarcasm, it would be you. You can see humor and/or the stupidity in the most fucked up situation, and you never hesitate to point it out. That takes balls.

gwyndyn - A princess stuck in a world without royalty. A fairy in a world without magic. A friend in a world without trust. You defy all the rules just by existing, and you bring beauty and magic with you.

haloedone - I thought I was the only one. But I know that if there ever came a time to give up everything to save the world, you'd be standing right there next to me so I wouldn’t have to do it alone.

hannas_kiwi - You. You've done so much for me without even knowing it. You've been an inspiration and a role-model just by being yourself. You showed me paths other than the ones known to normal humans.

heatray - Where does your fire come from? I could feel the heat from the first moment I met you. You fascinate me, and I can't quite explain why.

goldenlily - You prove that Brits can be fun, too! You're smart, and sensitive, and you married a guy I went to high school with... how small is THIS freakin world? Your words of support mean more than you know.

iceraver - You prove that it's possible to survive any struggle and come out better for it. And you're dead sexy, to boot.

jawalter - I'd say something nice about you if you ever wrote in your journal, but since you won't see this, I just have to picture you in 40 years, swearing at your PS8, and fiddling with your new state of the art sound system. Oh, yeah, and baking kickass pies!

piranhaex - Friend of a friend, your day to day brings me back to the GOOD parts about being a teenager. You force me to remember the good times, and you make me marvel at how different things are today.

khanyar - Can there be too much love in someone? If there can, you'll be candidate #1 for overdose. Passion, compassion and energy... none of that sugar and spice stuff.

khourytamarisk - You're the true embodiment of friend. Unwavering. Loving. Trusting. And you're damn funny to boot.

komos - I don't know you nearly as well as I should, but what I know of you reassures me that there is a strength in mankind that goes beyond the physical. You exude stability and honor in a world that doesn't value those things all that much anymore.

marveloustoy - You're a little old lady with cats-- but without the little and the old part. You're larger than life, and have the karma of the eternally young. If only the whole world could curl up in your lap.

meggiedarlin - There's so much love in you! And so much fight! I hope, if I need to, that I can be so strong.

melibabe - Another one who will probably not see this cause you don't write. But I value your friendship and your opinions more than you probably realize.

mishak - I know so many people who are just these founts of karmic goodness. You have the ability to make everyone around you happy and comfortable, even in less than ideal conditions. And you're yet another person on my friends list whose dead sexy.

mobilejessie - I didn't know what to make of you at first. I think you intimidated me. But over a dinner that made us both sick I discovered this passionate, creative, vibrant, caring person who isn't afraid to take chances.

mrfph - Ahh! Too far away, my Beyotch du Noir. I miss you! You need to visit my friends in Germany so they can bask in your goodness, too!

mrzero - I only wish I could exude cool like you do. I only wish I could exude sexy like you do. I wonder if you even know that you do it... but trust me, you do.

mr_sarcasm - Hard and crunchy on the outside soft and squishy on the inside. Creative beyond what most people could even fathom. Passionate beyond what most people could safely deal with. You're a force of nature, plain and simple.

agoodshinkickin - What to say without sounding like a fan boy? I got to kiss you once, and I was so worried about it I didn't even take the time to enjoy it. You have SO much to offer. Just trust yourself, cause someday, someone is going to be VERY lucky.

mysticmoose - Wow, if I ever wanted to be someone, it would be you. That's really all there is to say. You're too cool for words.

sisterthemoon - It's funny how the people who introduced us aren't really a big part of either of our lives anymore. I guess the good ones stick. And you're definitely a good one.

oakenguy - A random find from b0st0n who shares alot in common. You remind me of the things about me that I *LIKE*! And you show me avenues of those things that I might not have thought to take.

king_of_none - I never want to be on the receiving end of YOUR shithammer. You have power. HUGE amounts of power. When you finally find the right outlet for it, you will change the face of the Earth, I can tell.

philjames - Another random find. You inspire me. You make me take chances I wouldn't otherwise take with my creativity. Thank you.

piter_kenobi - Every time I try to write something here I get all weepy. Weepy from joy, that is. You're standing on the edge of a lifetime of creativity. I'd say I was jealous, but I'm so happy that you exist that I can't be.

purplemanatee - You're part of that family that exists in the nebulous cyber world. And you're more dedicated to that family than anyone. I'm glad you're there.

quislibet - The first time I remember seeing you, you were wearing a wedding dress. That has tainted my opinion of you ever since. But in a good way. You take your creativity seriously, as it should be.

vickitori09 - I hope that someday I'm half the parent you are.

rdouglas - I don't know too much about you, but you intrigue me. Keep it up.

rishikanta - Another b0st0n find. Another one who shows me there's more out there than I expected.

rowdyroddy - Just a cool guy. You give off 'friend' vibes. Even on the first meeting.

schmitt - Ahhh, freakling. You take chances I would never have the guts to take. Every time I get called a schmitt-for-brains, I take it as a compliment.

shelbyg - Yet another that I don't know as well as I should. Come, play!

silas7 - There aren't enough lines in the world, my friend. You make me happy and you piss me off, and through it all, I'm glad I know you. You've taught me to be a better person. And you've shown me that through friendship, we all change for the better.

sjc - When the dam bursts, watch out world. You're fucking hysterical. And you're a bit of a mystery. Your laugh is infectious. There is no question that you have this huge fire in you waiting to devour the world to make it yours.

starboogie - You showed me that it's okay to hang on to those parts of you that you loved as a kid. No, the METAPHYSICAL ones, perv. You look at everything twice, once with your kid glasses, and once without. You pick the better view, and run with that one.

tarotchan - Once we get our shit together, we're going to make something huge, I can feel it. I've seen the flames dancing behind your eyes. I've seen what you can accomplish. Now I just have to figure out how to utilize you in my plans for world domination.

technocowboy - Yet another one that there's just no way to express... you're a True Friend. Even when you're at your bitchiest, or when I'm at mine, I know there's always love there.

tigermilkdrunk - Who ARE you? I don't know you, but I'm fascinated by you. How do you do that? How do you capture my attention so well? We need to go out for drinks before I flee the state.

uncletang - I remember hearing of you. There was this image built up in my mind that was so not the you I met, or the you I know now. You were made out to be larger than life. But you're not. You're so much more than that. So much more.

uruz - Like for you, you're SO not what I expected. But the reality is actually better than the imagination. When I close my eyes I see this connection between you and the Earth that gives you a stubborn stability that not many have. I think it would be easier to move Gibraltar than divert you from your intended course.

vicissitude - Blissful sensation. Enraptured creativity. Heightened playfullness. You can't be described in phrases, only in ideas.

welcomerain - Thank you. Just thank you. That's all I can say.

swami_bob - We went to the same highschool, but didn't meet until 10 years later, 3000 miles from where it started. Freaky much? For as dangerous as you seem, I see the warmth on the inside when you look at your wife. You can't fool me.

missmelysse - I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. You've already proven 1000 times over that you're wicked fucking cool. Soon I'll get to see that for myself.

yabracadavre - You have the voice of an angel. You're passionate and creative. You're wise beyond your years. Just be patient, and the world will open for you like a blossoming flower.

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