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A reply become post...

This was originally a reply to this, but I decided to make it a full entry since it's so long winded.

Klae... well, that should be obvious. Just a variation on my own name, spelled all funky.

The Supreme Minister of Jest is a title given to me by Ms_Entropy when she was setting up her cabinet for when she rules the world.

ta_chuang... no one's asked about that yet. But here goes:

Several years ago I picked up a book on the I Ching. I use it for meditation, when my mind is all akimbo and I need something to settle me. Generally, I don't ask it anything, I just cast a hexagram and ruminate on what I get and how it pertains to my life. One night, however, I actually said out loud "Tell me about myself" before casting a hexagram (sounds all witchcrafty if you don't know I Ching, but it's really just tossing coins a couple times).

The hexagram that came up was number 34. Ta Chuang, which I detail for you below:

34.  Ta Chuang - The Power of the Great

          -- --
          -- --     above     Chên   The Arousing, Thunder
          -----     below     Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven

     The Judgement

          The Power of the Great. Perseverance furthers.

     The Image

          Thunder in heaven above:
          The image of the Power of the Great.
          Thus the superior man does not tread upon paths
          That do not accord with established order.

     The Lines

          Nine at the beginning means:
          Power in the toes.
          Continuing brings misfortune.
          This is certainly true.

          Nine in the second place means:
          Perseverance brings good fortune.

          Nine in the third place means:
          The inferior man works through power.
          The superior man does not act thus.
          To continue is dangerous.
          A goat butts against a hedge
          And gets its horns entangled.

     ()   Nine in the fourth place means:
          Perseverance brings good fortune.
          Remorse disappears.
          The hedge opens; there is no entanglement.
          Power depends upon the axle of a big cart.

          Six in the fifth place means:
          Loses the goat with ease.
          No remorse.

          Six at the top means:
          A goat butts against a hedge.
          It cannot go backward, it cannot go forward.
          Nothing serves to further.
          If one notes the difficulty, this brings good fortune.

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