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I'm sorry...

You shouldn't have pissed me off. In that situation, I have a bit of a temper. I lashed out. I hurt you. But you kept on with it. Even as I was ripping you apart, bit by bit, you were still condescending, and arrogant. You were still being a dick. All I wanted was an apology that you refused to give, so I had no choice but to take you and turn you in to the ravaged shell of what you once were. Do I feel guilty? A little. Do I regret it? No. You had it coming. And just for the record, I didn't stop because I felt bad, I stopped because crushing you started to BORE me. And now look at you, licking my boots like some sort of demoralized hound dog trying to get back into its master's good graces. You make me sick.

God I love playing Civ

So, if you couldn't tell by the beginning, I played a FUCKLOAD of Civilization Call to Power this weekend. Like... I'm at like 2150 on the calender right now. Early on in the game, the Thai civilization ticked me off, and I smote them repeatedly. Took them from a 20 city civilization to a 4 city civilization. BOO YEAH!

I guess there's a little dictator in me deep down. And I don't mean that in a dirty way, you pigs.

Thursday saw the Orphans' Thanksgiving. Everyone we knew who didn't have somewhere to go showed up. It was fun... but there was no mashed potatoes. ::sigh:: I'll survive I guess. There was a SHITLOAD of other food, so it's not like we didn't eat well.

The roommate is now handling the Turkey like a pro every year. And to think 3 short years ago he had no experience whatsoever. This year the bitch was so moist that when we went to lift it out of the pan, the bottom of the turkey separated from the top.

Unlike previous years, we didn't name the turkey. Hmmm. Didn't even think of that till just now.

Friday? Wasted. Sat in front of the computer ALL day playing Civ. Then, at 9PM, did a show with the remnants of my Grad Class downtown. Quite fun. Bunch of new people that I didn't know. I had a great time.

Yesterday? Harry Potter Digital with the Roomie. I didn't see any significant difference between the digital and non digital version, really. Maybe if I'd seen them closer together... In all honesty, though, the movie is a better film the second time around. The 'subtle' things that give you story hinds are actually TOO subtle to pick out if you've not just finished the movie. But on the second viewing, I picked everything out, and actually enjoyed the movie more.

Last night was games night at Adotdipesa's. Muey fun was had by all.

Today? Laundry, and fixing mom's computer.


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