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Out of the blue... more family...

VAUGHAN, John, b. ca. 1628, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, son of ? Henry VAUGHAN and Elizabeth ?, and brother of ? William. John m. Gillian ?. Children: John, David, George, Daniel and Mary. John and his parents emigrated to Massachusetts, USA, settling in Rhode Island after 1634.

  • Henry Vaughan

  • John Vaughan

  • George Vaughan

  • Robert Vaughan

  • Margaret Vaughn

  • Peleg Briggs, Jr.

  • Esther Briggs

  • Anna Hall

  • Abram (Klae's last name)

  • George

  • Herbert

  • Leon

  • Paul

  • Klae

If I took the Bible as FACT, I can trace my lineage back to Adam. WHEEEE!
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