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Having Trouble Writing...

Nimiriel says "You made no entries to your live journal yesterday. That's out of character for you, usually by the time I come into work, there are at least one or two. ;)"

There are a lot of things bouncing in my head, but none of them coherent enough to actually commit to the digital netherworld yet. Mostly because some of them are not so much delicate, as things that I'm still trying to sort out, and I don't want to force them into solidifying too soon for fear that I'll start second guessing myself, which I have a habit of doing.

It's all about taking Baby Steps.

Don't walk too far too fast, or you might fall down.

Of course, there comes a point where your steps can't get any smaller, and you HAVE to cross lines that you've been dancing beside. That or back away from them. But I'm not afraid of the lines, just wary of stepping too soon, and I most certainly don't want to back away.

Have I totally confused you yet? Good. Cause you have no right to understand what's going on in my head until I do. :)

Put one foot in front of the other...

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