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Horoscopical Ruminations...

You're in the pump-up-your-personal-power phase of your cycle, Pisces. Please say the following affirmations. 1. "I am extremely successful in everything I do." 2. "I possess an inexhaustible supply of creative energy." 3. "The universe is generous and gives me everything I need." While these sweetly generic statements will be effective, they don't go far enough for a lyrical maverick like yourself. I suggest, then, that you add these more evocative affirmations. 4. "Every day I learn more about how to steal the peaches of immortality from the King of Dragons." 5. "I spit on the shoes of manipulative power mongers even as I dance for crazy delight in celebration of my liberated perceptions." 6. "I know exactly why poet Emily Dickinson wrote 'Soul at the White Heat,' not 'Ego at the White Heat.'"

Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat?
Then crouch within the door --
Red -- is the Fire's common tint --
But when the vivid Ore
Has vanquished Flame's conditions,
It quivers from the Forge
Without a color, but the light
Of unanointed Blaze.
Least Village has its Blacksmith
Whose Anvil's even ring
Stands symbol for the finer Forge
That soundless tugs -- within --
Refining these impatient Ores
With Hammer, and with Blaze
Until the Designated Light
Repudiate the Forge --

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