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Stories from Kathmandu...

"You could be lost and alone so far into the middle of China that this happens: You speak fluent Chinese, even though you look rather obviously like a Westerner. You walk into a little village full of locals. You strike up a conversation with a little old lady who's never been more than five miles from her home. About five minutes into the conversation, she stops, screeches and starts running around telling all of her friends, very excitedly, "I can speak English! I'm speaking English!" You try to explain to her that in actuality, you're speaking Chinese. She doesn't believe you."

"Then again, you could be a Marine on a China Airlines domestic flight, in which the pilot gets out of the cockpit and serves drinks midway through the route. Unfortunately, the door closes behind him, and locks. He tries it once or twice, and then takes a seat in the front row. You ask your friend beside you who's a Chinese American to find out what's going on. She questions the pilot and reports that he's locked out and there's no one flying the plane, but he can't break the door open, since he'll be charged for it by the airlines."

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