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This is roughing it??

Clay grins. "Hey, is there anything I should bring dress wise? And is there somewhere I can do laundry, or should I bring enough clothes for the whole time. :)"

Sarah says, "My staff will do your laundry, dear. Neatly pressed and folded."

Clay laughs. "How cool is it to have a staff? :)"

Sarah grins. "It's pretty cool most of the time. Sometimes it gets to be a pain, but mostly, they're great. And the few little inconveniences (like getting scolded by the driver when I drive MY OWN FREAKING CAR around) are nothing compared to never having to dust, do dishes or wash clothes."

Sarah HEYs, too! This is SO not fair. I got all of my characters up to level 100 on Final Fantasy VIII (100 being the very top level, can't go any farther) and the Omega-Freakin-Weapon casts 'Level 5 Death' on everyone as its first move in the final battle. That means that anyone whose level is a multiple of five is instantly killed. NOW WHAT?


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