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And then there was peace...

The last time I cast the coins of the I Ching was July of 2001. Tonight, in my unsettled state, I took the coins out, meditated for a few minutes, and asked for help finding my path. This is what I was told...

8 -- --
9 --o--  above     K'an   The Abysmal, Water
6 --x--
8 -- --
8 -- --  below     Chen   The Arousing, Thunder
7 -----

This gives me a first hexagram of Chun, Hexagram 3, Difficult Start.

The image here is of a new blade of grass, desperately pushing its way through the earth into the light of day. This is the moment of creation when all is chaos. Lightning crack overhead, the earth rumbles and the rain beats down, but there is an ordered purpose to it all. As in a difficult birth, there is pain and hardship, but the outcome should make it all worthwhile. On a personal level, you are facing a new beginning, a new adventure in life -- but as with all new beginnings, you are taking a step into the unknown. There is no way you can peer into the future and make sense of things before you start. What you need is a leap of faith. This hexagram may also signify that you have reached a personal inner crisis; your own psyche is in tumult. Try to reach inside and find a part of you that is quiet and at peace, and rest there until the confusion subsides.

From the changing lines (with x's and o's in them going from the bottom up): Six in the fourth place: There is a window of opportunity now -- and you must take it, or it will be gone forever. However, you need strength of character to admit that you need outside help to take advantage of this moment. Nine in the fifth place: Although you have advanced some way toward your goals, you must take it slowly and gently now. Any sudden or grand movement and everything you have achieved so far will slip away.

And Klae interprets: Things are fucked up right now. There is change in the air. Trust yourself. Don't stop, don't give up, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

After the changing lines, the top Trigram also becomes Chen, giving Hexagram 51, Chen, The Arousing.

Here both trigrams are the same -- thunder above thunder -- so this hexagram denotes a time of sudden and dramatic change. The message is that you will have to deal with some very climactic and electrifying events in your life, and the way you handle them is very important. When unpredictable dramas unfold in your life, it is all too easy to be so shocked that you are almost paralyzed, like an animal in the glare of a light. On the other hand, these times can be very positive in the long term. When you go through such traumatic and purging experiences, you come out on the other side with a new strength and understanding. After these serious traumas have passed, they leave you with a strong sense of joy and liberation that will carry over into all areas of your life, giving you a rejuvenated sense of purpose.

Klae interprets: What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Brace yourself.

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