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I am a machine...

8:15 to 9:00 Commute through hellish Boston morning traffic
9:00 to 5:00 Hellish job
5:00 to 6:15 Commute home through hellish FRIDAY traffic
6:15 to 6:20 Change
6:20 to 7:00 Subway downtown, walk to Donahoe Building at Suffolk
7:30 to 9:45 Show!
9:45 to 10:29 Subway back to Somerville, run to Elm Street Theater
10:30 to Midnight Show!

Sleep now.

OH! And at the first show, I ran into old friends that I'd not seen in like... FOUR YEARS! Rob wrote one of the 12 plays that went up tonight. YAY!

bed now

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    Sat, 02:13: @ midnight Lindsay Sloehan Gin Fizz #CelebrityBooze Sat, 02:22: @ midnight Flight of the ConCoors #CelebrityBooze

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    Wed, 04:05: @ nerdist Seriously enjoying @ midnight. Keep it up!

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    Fri, 01:15: So with all the controversy... Middle Eastern dude in blackface? He's right in front of me in line at Starbux. #WTF

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