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See, THIS is one of the many reasons I want my own theater...

Glow-Ball: A Party of Light
Le Funkubine Headlines
Decadent atmosphere with giant hot tub, beds and massage
Grandville Waiters and the New Amsterdam Soul Review

After throwing an incredible New Years party three years in a row, Boom Chicago is preparing Glow-Ball, our big blowout for 2002. Filled with light, sparkle and anything that glitters, this is a shiny, happy party for shiny happy people.

If you're in the party mood (as a participant, not an observer), spend Oud en Nieuw with upbeat, creative people. And who else but Boom Chicago would build a pool in the theater and rent towels?

As you enter the boomBar enjoy the energy of DJ Kreed. It's starts relaxed, but by 3am, they'll be jumpin' as hard here as in the main zaal. Speaking of the theater, Grandville Waiters and the New Amsterdam Soul Review, our rockin' eight piece band with vocals, rapping and comedy moments from the Boom Chicago cast will take us to midnight with songs and bits.

After the Champagne toast, two fantastic DJ's will create a six hour set of great beats, loops, instrumentals and vocals. DJ Alec Smart (Streamer, kidnap records) will spin his melting-pot of funk, future music and together with Le Funkubine will take the evening higher.

Le Funkubine (Club Bongo, Crossfader Supernatural), is one of the hottest DJ's in Amsterdam and a performer himself. Known for his trademark “eclectic & organic” style, you can expect futuredance heavily influenced by psychedelic soul, funk and Afro-Latin. It's percussive, psychedelic and thumping: a party in the dance floor!

All night long, enjoy our decadent spa complete with massage, giant beds, and the centerpiece, a twelve person hot tub with deck in the middle of the dance floor. Bring the bikini; we'll bring the towels!

The party is for passionate people who make an effort. The dress code is sparkle and shine, so dress up in your reflective best. The coat check will hold the layers you strip off. It's New Years Eve!

Since we're putting real money into the party, the tickets cost €50 unless you're dating one of us. Pick up your tickets now or ask one of us out. Good luck with you charm and seduction.

See you there!


For the party flyer and image click:

Boom Chicago's Glow-ball
December 31, 2002
Leidseplein 12, Amsterdam
22:00 - ???

Tickets Euro 50 at the box office, or call 020- 423 0101

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