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Christmas Recap

Oh, where to begin...

Despite a bump in my mood that I don't want to discuss, the holiday was quite good.

I got to work on Tuesday, and there were ASSLOADS of presents in my cube. My cow-orkers like me, and brought me stuff. I got a watch, some wine, a tie (with computers on it), candy, tea, popcorn balls, ear muffs, and a $25 gift certificate from my Secret Santa. We had a nice company lunch complete with beer and wine, and they let us go earlier than expected.

On the drive home I stopped at Costco and picked up some wine, some vodka and some Hypnotiq. Tasty stuff. Expensive, but tasty.

Home saw some quiet time, some relaxing time, some TV time, and some socializing time. Yi-mei and Jules stopped by to visit, and Kevin showed up for his extended Holiday visit. I made myself a vodka gimlet, but neglected to eat dinner... so by the time Alex and Mark showed up, I was very happy. Apparently when I called my parents I wished them a happy new year rather than merry Christmas... whoops!

We ordered Chinese for dinner and watched moovies, and I crashed earlier than I expected... but I was way tired, so it's okay.

Christmas Day saw breakfast crafted by the roomie, and presents, and playing on the computer, and watching tv, and being generally lazy. Lunch, also crafted by the roomie, was very good. Eve came over in the evening, and the four of us chatted for a while, we gave her the '20 minute explanation of everything that's ever happened in the Buffy universe' and then we watched the Grinch while munching on White Chocolate Mousse.

Bed early. Happiness abounds.

Insert something witty and holiday like here...

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