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Klae experiments with being a junky...

Two pills to jump start you in the morning, two pills to put ya down at night.

Okay, so not that bad. I had a cafe mocha last night at 6:45 before class started.

At 3AM I was still tossing and turning. The caffeine, along with my incomprehensible rage about my car just kept me awake.

So, in desperation, I popped two Aleve. Normally this would knock me out within 20 minutes. Not so last night. I just became increasingly groggy and disoriented, dancing on the edge of sleep. At one point I got up to restart my music so it wasn't so damn quiet, and I couldn't get my right eye to focus on anything.

Eventually I slept. Dreamless sleep. I rarely have dreamless sleep. It disturbs me, because it feels like time travel. I close my eyes, and open them and it's way later. Not fun.

So today, I'm dragging.

Hi-diddle-dee-dee a junkie' life for me...

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