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With every passing moment, the future seems to solidify...

Today... REALLY good day.

Up early to teach. I really like this group. Like my first class, they're up for pretty much everything I throw at them. And today, I threw fast and hard. And they came through it really well. Even with some of the hard hard hard stuff, they merely stumbled, picked them selves up, and continued on.

Post class, I went with them to the 'practice session' they've organized at 50 Vassar. The main reason I went was to get in some 'play' time. I love to teach, don't get me wrong, but being able to sit there and not be in charge, and to get up and DO stuff was really relaxing. Of the 12 students there, 8 of them have had at least one class with me. I thought that was kinda funny. I also was really impressed at the work that ALL my kids did. For a first level class, they're holding their own really well.

After the practice session, M (one of my level 1ers) and I jaunted back to the North End, and hit the IMAX theater at the Aquarium to see the Cirque du Soleil movie, The Journey of Man. Awesome awesome... I love Cirque. If you don't have anything good to say about them, don't say anything in front of me. I'll cut you. CUT YOU!

The movie was done, M had no where to be right away, I had no where to be right away, so we hit dinner. Vietnamese. Quite tasty. We spent quite a bit of time talking about life, and Improv. But mostly Improv. M is a great guy. He had a rough time in class today, but at the post class session he was brilliant. I just have to get him to relax more in class.

It's the people like M that make teaching such a wonderful thing. I can look at a person and SEE the impact I'm making on their performance. And at this point, I'm merely walking a few steps ahead, facing backwards saying 'We're walking, we're walking.' When I can set my own curriculum and pace things the way *I* think they should be done, THEN we'll see just how good it gets. But either way, it's immeasurably rewarding to have someone tell you that you've made them have more confidence in themselves.

Home now, staying in, as I'm really dirt poor till next payday. I am, however, quite satisfied with today's adventure.


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